Apperley lodge is divided into three rooms by the children’s ages :


0 to 24 months

9 places

Buds & Blossoms

24 to 36 months

18 places

Happy Apples

36 to 60 months

24 places

Each room is overseen by a Room Leader who is responsible for the day to day management of their room.

All rooms make use of the secure outdoor areas and the babies have their own separate garden where they can play safely.

The Apples children have a summer outing and all the rooms take advantage of the many local attractions that can be reached on foot such as the library, local park and other outdoor spaces.

Before your child starts nursery, we arrange several settling in sessions at which the parent or guardian spends less time in the room as the sessions progress.

When a child is ready to move to the next room the child’s key person will discuss the transition with parents and organise a series of visits to the new room and accompany the child on the first visits.

We welcome parental involvement and transitions can be accelerated or delayed if it is agreed to be in the interest of the child.

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